Hohenstein Health Center

The Hohenstein Health Center is a centre for textile health sciences. It concentrates on all aspects of health sciences in which textile goods such as clothing, other textile products and procedures affecting human health play a central role. The Hohenstein Health Center takes an interdisciplinary approach, i.e. it is open to all disciplines and research institutions which study health. In addition to textile sciences, these include medicine, hygiene, physiology and nursing science. The Hohenstein Health Center is led by the Medical Director, Prof. Dirk Höfer.


As a centre for textile health science, the Hohenstein Health Center develops and supports new insights and medical expertise on textile products affecting human health, both those that are either already on the market and those due to be launched. It establishes links with the various players in the healthcare sector who deal with this kind of product, and shares expertise and new findings within the textile industry and among doctors and consumers. The aim of all its activities is always to use textiles to:

  • 1. promote,
  • 2. protect or
  • 3. restore human health.


The role of the Hohenstein Health Center is to assess and evaluate the benefits and risks of textile products in a particular application in order to show medical practitioners in any field, textile developers and end consumers the available options within those applications. The central aim of the work of the Hohenstein Health Center is to improve the health of the general population by using textiles to promote and restore good health and to prevent disease. Furthermore, the Hohenstein Health Center's work in publicising medical and scientific information aims to give people greater control over their own health and thereby equip them to improve their health. The scope of the Hohenstein Health Center's work covers all areas of life and all population groups worldwide.


The Hohenstein Health Center works on scientific foundations. Its statements draw on reliable scientific data collected on the basis of internationally accepted principles and evidence-based studies. The centre's knowledge is presented in a manner that is appropriate for its target group and is clear, comprehensible and well-founded, for the benefit of external users, in particular doctors, care workers, textile manufacturers and consumer groups. It is also addressed to politicians, research institutions, business and consumer groups and individual citizens.

The understanding of clinical practice at the Hohenstein Health Center in terms of work processes and standards, the options available to consumers, and pathophysiology, combined with its textile expertise, enable it to serve as a link between medical practitioners, society and industry. It is in the light of this that the Hohenstein Health Center sees itself as a trend-setter in new textile developments affecting human health.